Boise’s Modern Corrective Chiropractor

The owners and providers at Modern Chiropractic Center – mc2 have been helping Boise area residents for over 30 years of combined service. We have served thousands of patients in Boise helping them with the following conditions and more:

Low back pain affects nearly 85% of people at some time in their life. We have over 30 years of combined experience helping the most complicated cases of low back pain. Our providers have had patients travel from all over the United States and even internationally to get help for their low back problems. You will be absolutely confident that you are in the right place to finally have your low back condition corrected.

Neck pain also affects a majority of people at some point in their life. Therefore we have a vast array of methods to help with neck pain. From gentle (non-popping) spinal adjustments, to spinal traction, massage therapy and various types of exercises, we will find the right combination of methods to finally correct your neck condition.

There are many causes of middle back and shoulder pain. We will find out the exact cause and the best methods to help you. Whether it’s a new or old injury, we have helped thousands of Idahoans with this common area of pain.

This is one of the most common as well as one of the most disabling spinal problems someone can develop. We can combine any number of treatment methods to help with this problem, including: spinal adjustments, postural exercises, spinal traction, bracing, postural kinesiotaping, neuromuscular re-education and functional movement patter retraining.

Injuries of the spine demand thorough analysis and safe treatment. Research shows 50% of people injured in a car crash ever fully recover. This means you should do everything you can to increase the odds of a full recovery. We even work you’re your attorney to make sure you can afford to get the care you need, when you need it

Disc herniations occur when the outer part of the disc (pad between the vertebra, or spine bones) become weakened either slowly over time or suddenly due to an injury, and the inside of the disc oozes out, sometimes pressing on a nerve. Disc herniations are a common reason people seek the advice of a surgeon. But most people many patients with disc injuries, including herniations, can respond positively to non-surgical treatment methods.

You may have a pinched nerve (or symptoms of a pinched nerve) for various reasons including disc herniation, spinal stenosis, or a buildup of inflammation near the nerve. Whatever the cause, we have methods of treatment proven effective and safe to help remove the pressure and pain of a pinched nerve.

Scoliosis is a curvature of the spine where the spine looks like a “C” or “S” shape from the front on an X-ray. Scoliosis usually starts in adolescence and affects 1 in 30 of these children. It can often go undiagnosed due to a lack of pain or other symptoms. Our doctors are very well trained to detect scoliosis even when mild. We have some of the most advanced methods available to manage scoliosis and will refer to other providers if a brace or surgery becomes necessary. Read More

Although there are also other causes, this is a very common symptom of either pressure on a nerve or a stretch on the nerve or spinal cord due to spinal or postural misalignment. We will determine the exact cause of your numbness and tingling and develop the best treatment strategies available today to help correct the condition.

You may suffer from headaches for many different reasons. There are primary headaches, which include migraines, tension-type and cluster headaches. And there are secondary headaches, such as headaches secondary to injury, infection, vascular problems in the head, non-vascular problems in the head, medication overuse and substance withdrawl. We will help identify the underlying cause of your headaches and use the best available methods to once and for correct the problem.

Low energy and fatigue plagues millions of Americans. The stress placed on the body can make low energy a major chronic problem. Using our spinal corrective methods we have restored energy and vitality to thousands of Boise area residents over the past 14 years. If you are sick and tired of being sick and tired, take the first step to to a stronger, healthier and vibrant life.

If you’ve been relying on drugs to mask your symptoms, or are thinking of joint injections or surgery, consider Modern Chiropractic Care. Our chiropractic physicians have been helping Boise residents avoid drugs and surgery for over a decade.