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At Home Scoliosis Treatments:

If you read our first blog article about scoliosis, you are probably wondering “what are some things I can start doing at home to help my curvatures?’ If you haven’t read it yet, please see this link for more information on what scoliosis is and how it affects someone.

If you or a loved one has scoliosis and are looking for ways to help decrease the chances of it progressing, chances are that a doctor has told you that ‘it’s not that bad and we can watch and wait.” Many of our patients at Modern Chiropractic Center are not satisfied or content with that answer and they want to be proactive about their curved and crooked spines.

First things first, we must obtain current x-rays of your spine to assess the severity, nature and location of the curve. After this, the doctors at Modern Chiropractic Center have a number of alternative options that can be done at home to help control the curvatures from progressing. One of those options is in office treatment utilizing CBP technique. Another option is utilizing a Scolibrace if the curvatures are severe enough. Most patients require one option or both. At MC2, we also offer an at-home traction block called the Scoliroll to help straighten the spine at home. Most of the time, the Scoliroll is used alongside one or both of the aforementioned treatment options.

There are two kinds of Scolirolls: one for the thoracic spine and one for the lumbar spine. Both are used to create a bending and de-rotating movement of the spine, which allows for straightening on the curvatures by impacting ligamentous length and change. As scoliosis is a three dimensional spine deformity, being able to impact a number of these movements is key to correcting scoliosis and preventing it from getting worse. While using the Scoliroll at home, many patients are given exercises to start doing while laying on the corrective roll. These exercises help to stabilize the spine and core.

Many patients in the Treasure Valley area utilize the Scoliroll for at home use in correcting their scoliosis and in preventing it from progressing. If you or your loved ones are ready to start working on fixing your scoliosis, contacting Modern Chiropractic Center in Boise or Nampa, would be a great place to start. The doctors would love to help you determine which treatment options would be best for you in getting your back in alignment for your health now and into the future.

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