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Having Body Pain While Being in the United States Military: An Exclusive Interview with an Airmen From the Boise Area

During the month of October 2021, Mario P. was announced as Modern Chiropractic Center’s Patient of the Month for his positive energy towards health and life and understanding the spine is the foundation of health and healing in the body. Below is an exclusive interview with him and how chiropractic has changed his life for the better!

Dr Christine: How long have you been in the military for and what branch are you currently in?
Mario P.: On December 10, 2021, it will be 19 years in the military. 6 years active duty Air Force and 13 years Idaho Air National Guard.

Dr Christine: What is your title?
Mario P.: At the moment, I’m Technical Sergeant/E-6 and in November 2021, I will be Master Sergeant/E-7.

Dr Christine: What made you seek out a chiropractor?
Mario P.: I’ve been living in pain for quite awhile and I was looking to change that reality for myself. My neck and back was hurting all the time which affected all aspects of my life. I also had tension headaches and migraines that felt like piercing pain throughout my entire head where my eyes wanted to shut down. I honestly wanted to feel better physically and mentally.

Dr Christine: Why did you want to feel better physically and mentally? Did it affect your job in the military?
Mario P.: I knew that with the pain I was in, I would not be able to perform my fitness exam to my fullest. The worst part was the running portion because it would make my back worse.

Dr Christine: So what were your goals coming in?
Mario P.: I didn’t want to take medications all the time for my back pain. It was only a relief and I was not looking for relief. I wanted to change that aspect of my life and I wanted to look for a better alternative than taking meds. I also wanted to complete and pass my fitness exam for the military and be able to work out at high intensity again. I also wanted to fix my posture.

Dr Christine: When you came to Modern Chiropractic Center, how did your headaches, migraines, neck pain and back pain affect your life outside of the military?
Mario P.: It affected my life in different ways. I was not able to keep up and engage in activities with my son such as going to the park and throwing the football. Any of those activities would hurt. Sitting in a car for long periods of time would also be so painful. If I hurt my back, I wouldn’t want to do anything for days.

Dr Christine: Have you been to a chiropractor before Modern Chiropractic Center?
Mario P.: Yes, but it only provided some temporary relief in adjustments. I’ve also been to physical therapy, done water therapy, and been on medications. I tried so many different ways to get through the pain.

Dr Christine: What can you do now that you could not have done before going to Modern Chiropractic Center?
Mario P.: I finished and passed my fitness exam with a 90 which hasn’t happened in a long time! I’m able to keep up with my high energy son way better than before and I’m able to sit in my car for long drives.

Dr Christine: Where are you right now in terms of your health after being under care at Modern Chiropractic Center?
Mario P.: I haven’t had any migraines since I started and my lower back and upper back feels so much better. I’m able to work out with more energy and I don’t have to cut my workouts short anymore.

Dr Christine: Was it beneficial for you to see multiple doctors here at Modern Chiropractic Center?
Mario P.: I believe the work of each doctor has been significant in approaches and addressing each area with their own skills which has made a huge difference in my posture, health and well-being. It’s like looking at a problem from multiple angles!

Dr Christine: Should military members see a chiropractor?
Mario P.: Yes! Having good posture, spine and adjustments allowed me to get through my fitness training and exams. Being able to pass my fitness test is so important for my career. I highly suggest them see a chiropractor!

Dr Christine: What are some suggestions you would give your fellow brothers and sisters in the military around the Boise and Nampa location?
Mario P.: To overcome whatever fear they might have about chiropractors and know that it is a good thing to seek out help. Getting help for your body is not a sign of weakness. Modern Chiropractic Center has helped me greatly and I am thankful to be able to share with others.

Dr Christine: Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to have this interview with me. Is there anything else you would like to add about your experience with chiropractic care at Modern Chiropractic Center?
Mario P.: The staff/team are incredible. They are intelligent, friendly, professional and treat each person as an individual. There is no cookie cutter standard that everyone gets. Each person gets a specific care and plan for them which I really appreciated because I knew my body was not the same as the person next to me, behind me, or in front of me.

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