Introducing the Balance Tracking System: BtrackS

In a recent blog post we discussed the effect our posture has on our ability to balance. We explained how individuals with poor posture and improper spinal alignment had significantly worse balance than those with proper posture and alignment. We also discussed the importance of proper assessment of balance in order to screen for those who are at risk for falls and provide these individuals with proven methods to strengthen their balance and prevent future falls. Balance assessments are a critical part of preventing potential life threatening injuries due to falls, especially in the elderly adult population. At Modern Chiropractic Center we utilize gold standard force plate technology with the BtrackS system to provide an accurate and reliable assessment of our patients balance.

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What tests are available within the BtrackS system?

Balance and Fall Risk Assessment – The BTrackS Balance Test (BBT) is a general balance assessment providing detailed postural sway analysis. After each trial, the centimeters of postural sway are calculated and compared to over 20,000 norms to calculate percentile rankings. In addition, a fall risk assessment of Low, Moderate or High is provided with each test result.

Balance & Fall Risk

mCTSIB – The Clinical Test of Sensory Integration and Balance is used to assess how the main three sensory feedback systems for balance (i.e. proprioception, vision, vestibular) function relative to one another. Integrated normative data provides percentile rankings for each of the four trials.

Modified CTSIB

Weight Distribution – Accurately determine weight distribution percentages in the left/right and front/back directions as well as the location of body center of pressure as it relates to global postural alignment.

Weight Distribution

Limits of Stability – Measure the functional base of support using this biofeedback assessment. Patients stand with feet flat on the plate and lean as far as possible in all directions. The total area, and the area in each quadrant of the plate is calculated in real time.

Limits of Stability

Single Leg Stance – The Single Leg Stance Test compares the postural sway of an individual when they stand on their left foot versus when they stand on their right foot. When completed, the left-versus-right results are compared and a Symmetry Index is calculated. A person is considered within the Symmetric Range if they show less than 15% difference between right and left.

Single Leg Stance

Assessing and Correcting Your Balance Issues

The first step toward improving your balance will be finding a doctor who utilizes an advanced assessment system like BtrackS. If the results of your assessment show that you have an increased risk for falls, your next step will be finding a doctor certified in CBP (Chiropractic Biophysics) analysis and corrective methods. These doctors will use the latest methods of biomechanical analysis to measure and assess the severity of your posture and spinal alignment. If your spinal alignment is found to be significantly impacting your balance, CBP certified doctors will review the evidence-based methods that can be used to help manage and possibly correct your imbalances.

Here at Modern Chiropractic Center we have the staff and doctors you need to get you back on your feet with more confidence and enjoying life again. Please give our office a call at 208-629-1904 (Boise location) or 208-467-1975 (Nampa location) to get scheduled for a free consultation and exam to determine whether or not we will be able to help fix your alignment and balance issues.

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