Large Breasts and Their Impact on Posture

Do you or someone you know have chronic upper back and neck pain from developing your chest as a young female? Many girls that are genetically prone to large breast size try to cover themselves up from a young age, which predisposes them to rounding of the shoulders, a hunched upper back and severe forward head posture. Clinically, we see many women come into our practices, complaining of chronic pain in their shoulders and neck due to feeling the need to cover up and hide.  So how does having larger breasts cause pain?

woman feeling back pain from large breasts, large breasts and their impact on posture
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When accommodating for extra weight being carried in front of the ribs, our posture tends to become slouched to balance itself. It also causes a forward translation of the head and neck. This adds extra load and tension on the muscles, joints and spine causing our pain receptors to fire. This can also cause a lot of muscle tension and knots can form as the muscles become tired for always having this stress on them. Many women who have been dealing with chronic bad posture from large breasts, can also start to become hyperkyphotic of the thoracic spine. Hyperkyphosis of the spine is a severe spinal condition that can impact quality of life and longevity of life. Please see this link to another article for more information.

There are a number of alternative ways to help reduce the pain from having large breasts, such as:

  • Yoga
  • Regular massage therapy
  • Losing weight by exercise and proper dietary changes
  • Proper bra fittings
  • Postural corrective exercises
  • CBP corrective chiropractic care
  • Combine all the above!

When patients come into Modern Chiropractic center, we focus on a life changing experience. By this, we mean we want long-term, long-lasting results for our patients. A temporary fix with short-term pain relief is frustrating and takes away the hope for a more normal life. We understand the impact that chronic pain can have on someone’s life, so the doctors will recommend a combination of all the above alternative therapies. Allowing people to live a more pain free life improves the quality of someone’s life-being able to perform activities that used to cause pain, being able to spend more quality time with your families, or simply being able to relax without relentless pain nagging in your backs and necks.

If you believe that large breasts have been contributing to your chronic back and neck pain, please give the doctors at Modern Chiropractic Center a call.  We will be able to help you find the cause of the pain and help eliminate it! 

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