PART 3: At-Home Ergonomics – Workstation Setups

We finished our last email discussing monitor height as displayed in the image above from OSHA. As discussed in our last email this is perhaps the single most important change a person can make to help them improve their ergonomics at home. There are however, many other tings that can be modified to help the “work from home” situation that so many people are in.

The Chair: Your sitting position in a chair is also very important Chairs that re more modifiable can be customized for your height, leg length, arm length, etc. You ideally want the height if the seat pan that you sit on positioned so that your forearm is close to parallel with the ground as you type. Then you adjust your monitor.

Foot Rest: People with shorter legs may need a footrest to accommodate the chair seat height being higher than where your feet hit the ground.

The Keyboard: Your keyboard should be positioned such that you are not reaching for it. If it’s too high your forearms will have to bend upward and then your wrists bending back the other way to type. This can lead to repetitive strain injuries such as carpal tunnel and stress to the shoulders and upper back.

We hope this information will also help with improving your work station setup at home.

REMEMBER: WE ARE OPEN !! If you are having any problems with discomfort from working from home and need to get in for an appointment, let us know. We can also see for a “virtual” visit using telehealth methods to assess what is happening and advise you on at-home treatment that can provide some relief until you can come into the office.

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