Plantar Fasciitis and Chiropractic

feet with plantar fasciitis

Do your feet hurt first thing in the morning? Or do they stop you from doing activities that you love? If so, you may have a condition called plantar fasciitis. Plantar Fasciitis is a condition that affects more than 3 million people and stops them from doing the activities they love. This condition can start out as a minor nuisance and then later can become a debilitating condition. Unfortunately, people forget how important our feet are to how we feel and we usually don’t pay attention to them until we have pain.

Our feet are the foundation of our bodies and when one of the arches of the foot becomes weak, it adds more stress on the soft tissues of our foot, which over time causes inflammation. The medial arch is the main arch that is involved with plantar fasciitis. Fortunately for many people, there are natural remedies for this painful condition that don’t involve drugs or surgery. One of these remedies is chiropractic care.

Many times when patients come into Modern Chiropractic center suffering with plantar fasciitis, they also have spinal subluxations of the lumbar spine and pelvis. Not a surprise to the doctors, as the nerves from the lower back and pelvis go into the feet and can cause dysfunction of the feel and ankles. In addition, abnormal posture can cause unequal loading on the feet leading to an array of foot problems including plantar fasciitis. Safe adjustments to the lower back, hips and ankles can often free up any immobility within the joints and allow for better motion and allow the joints to be in their proper position. When the joints are in good alignment, the soft tissues of the feet can function the way they are supposed to and allow the arch of the foot to work correctly. This allows the soft tissues of the arch to relax and the body than can start the repair cycle of reducing inflammation.

Once the affected joints are in alignment, the doctors will then recommend certain stretches and exercises to restore proper function of the foot affected (or both). Sometimes the structure of the foot has been compromised to the point that realignment of posture and adjusting the feet will only do so much. So, our doctors may also recommend custom orthotics in these cases. These can help alleviate chronic stress to the Achilles attachment and give support to the arch long term. Clinically, custom orthotics is a great way to get back into a normal, pain free life. The doctors at Modern Chiropractic center use a 3D scanner to scan the feet and can then make modifications on areas of the foot that need more support and also areas that need more flexibility. If a heel lift is needed to even out the hips and pelvis that can also be added on. The possibilities are endless and our orthotics are truly customized to each person. The whole process of being scanned and customized takes less than 20 minutes!

custom fabricated foot orthotics

If you are tired of waking up everyday with heel pain or are tired of dealing with the inability to live pain free, give the doctors at Modern Chiropractic a call! They will be able to assist you in figuring out the cause of your pain and get you on a treatment plan to help heal your body, once and for all.

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