The Way your X-rays are Taken Matters

At Modern Chiropractic Center we understand how important it is to properly assess an individual’s posture and spinal alignment. Like many other healthcare facilities, we utilize x-ray imaging to visualize and measure our patient’s alignment. However, what many of these facilities do not take into account is that there is a correct way to take them. That’s right, the way your doctor takes your x-rays matters. When taken with even the slightest amount of error, your spinal x-rays may provide incorrect information and lead to improper treatment. Check this out:

The two pelvic x-rays below were taken of the same patient. These x-rays were taken to assess for leg length discrepancy (LLD); a condition in which one leg is shorter than the other. The x-ray on the left shows the pelvis tilting to the right and equal leg length. The x-ray on the right shows the pelvis tilting to the left and a shorter left leg. Again, these x-rays show the pelvis of the same patient, yet the images are showing two completely different pelvic alignments.

x-ray of a spinal alignment
x-ray of a spinal alignment

How does this happen? In this specific case, the patient’s pelvis was slightly rotated to the right when the image was taken. In other words, the patient was not positioned correctly, which resulted in a misrepresentation of their actual pelvic alignment. Pelvic rotation is not the only error that can occur; there are a variety of patient positioning errors that your doctor must look out for when taking your x-rays.

If you are worried about your posture or spinal alignment, the first step towards ensuring your alignment is assessed correctly will be finding a doctor certified in CBP (Chiropractic Biophysics). These doctors are trained in proper x-ray utilization and will use the latest methods of biomechanical analysis to measure and assess the severity of your alignment. If it is found that your spine has been negatively impacted by improper posture or alignment, CBP-certified doctors will review the evidence-based methods that can be used to help manage and possibly correct your imbalances.

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