Middle Back Pain

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Chiropractor’s at Modern Chiropractic Center can help with:

  • Pain in the middle back
  • Pain and tightness between the shoulder blades
  • Pain and stiffness in the shoulders

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Chiropractic adjustment for middle back pain

Most patients that come into a chiropractor’s office that report having pain in the middle back or upper back area (between the shoulder blades for example) describe it a tight, sometimes gnawing pain. This can be very frustrating because it is difficult to stretch out the middle back like you can with the neck and low back. The reason for this is that the ribs (collectively the ribcage) holds the middle back together tightly. It simply does not move as much as the neck and low back can move.

The cause of mid back pain is often postural. People notice this pain worsens when sitting for prolonged periods of time. People who work on computers regularly notice this pain at the end of a long day. The solution for this type of pain is simply to correct the abnormal posture and try to change the activities or ergonomics (sitting at computer).

Some patients have more complicated reasons for middle back pain. These conditions can include scoliosis in the middle back or rounding of the middle back (hyperkyphosis). These structural problems can often be helped with corrective chiropractic care including corrective exercises and corrective traction. For the most severe cases, bracing may be recommended.

Did you know that Middle Back Pain Adjustments can help with:

  • Pain between the shoulder blades
  • Rib pain
  • Pain in the sternum
  • Pain in the collar bone area
  • Pain while taking a deep breath
Did you know

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