Poor Posture Adjustment

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Chiropractor’s at Modern Chiropractic Center can help with:

  • Improving “hunchback” posture
  • Improving “forward head posture”
  • Correcting “text neck”

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posture side by side with graphs and overlays

Not all people that come into our office are experiencing any type of pain. Many people come to see our doctors at our Modern Chiropractic Centers for “bad posture”. When most people think of “bad posture” they think of slumping of the shoulders with the head and neck being more forward than normal. We call this Forward Head Posture. Not only is this posture what most people think of as “bad posture”, it is also the most common abnormal posture we see in practice. The forward head posture can lead to tightened muscles in the neck and trapezius region and increased pressure on the joints of the neck. It has also been associated with headaches in research studies.

For corrective chiropractors, “bad posture” can mean a whole lot more than forward head posture. To describe what other abnormal postures are possible and common, first we should define what “normal” means. Posture is analyzed from the front, the back and from the sides. From the sides, the ear should be over the shoulder, the shoulder should be over the hip the hip over the knee and the knee over the ankle. From the front and back normal posture means the head is centered over the shoulders. The head shouldn’t be tilted or rotated. The shoulders should be level. There should be no twisting of the shoulders or ribcage. The shoulders and ribcage should be centered over the hips. And finally, the hips should be centered over the feet. Any deviation from “normal” is, by definition, abnormal.

At our Modern Chiropractic Centers, we use state-of-the-art software to detect and measure ALL abnormal postures. Once we identify which abnormal postures are present, our doctors come up with corrective exercises and traction for each abnormal posture or pattern of abnormal postures. Utilizing a combination of corrective adjustments, corrective exercises and corrective traction, amazing improvement in posture can be achieved.

Pre Posture with scoliosis

Did you know that Corrective Poor Posture Adjustments can help with:

  • Improve “forward head posture”
  • Improve “hunchback” posture
  • Correct uneven shoulders
  • Correct flaring of the scapula
  • Correct “text neck”
Did you know

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