Whiplash and Automotive Injury Treatment

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Chiropractor’s at Modern Chiropractic Center will work to:

  • Improve headaches after whiplash injuries 
  • Improve neck pain after whiplash injuries 
  • Improve spinal instability 

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whiplash x-rays

Only 50% of people injured in an auto collision in the Boise area ever fully recover. Therefore, getting properly diagnosed as early as possible is extremely important. Various tissues can be damaged in a “whiplash” injury. Car collisions can cause injuries that include damage to muscles and tendons (strain), ligaments (sprain), disc, nerves, spinal cord and even the brain (concussion). These injuries may cause a variety of symptoms. These would include:

  • headaches,
  • neck pain,
  • upper back pain,
  • pain radiating into the shoulders and arms,
  • numbness and/or tingling in the hands or fingers,
  • weakness in the hands (grip strength),
  • blurry/double vision,
  • dizziness,
  • confusion,
  • insomnia,
  • fatigue,
  • muscle spasms,
  • jaw (TMJ) pain

A thorough examination combined with unique analysis of “stress” Xrays that we use at mc2 can lead to the discovery that ligaments in the neck can often be injured. These injured ligaments are often missed on standard Xrays.

auto injury whiplash treatment with myovision

Additionally, when Boise area residents come to our office for problems from a car crash injury, we use our state-of-the-art MyoVision diagnostic equipment that can measure range of motion while simultaneously measuring muscle function using surface electromyography. This tells us when muscles are injured and painful during movement of the neck or low back. With this information we develop a custom treatment plan for your car accident or whiplash injury. We have helped thousands of injured Boise area patients get back to work and most importantly get their life back to normal.

At Modern Chiropractic Center we use MyoVision’s DynaROM, or Dynamic Range of Motion. This is a functional test that measures muscle guarding and range of motion at the same time as the patient moves. By moving the patient, we effectively elicit measurable pain responses and guarding when soft tissue injury is present. ​​

DynaROM is the latest in FDA cleared class II diagnostic equipment. It effectively and objectively measures the impact of soft tissue injury by documenting pain in motion. So we can finally see graphically, not only the “quality of motion” but if muscle guarding, a critical measure of patient’s level of pain, occurs. We can then utilize our rehabilitation methods and measure improvement over time at each re-examination.

If you have been diagnosed with “whiplash”, that doctor that did the diagnosing is either missing the identification of the damaged tissues or is oversimplifying your injuries. Proper identification of the damaged tissues is the first step to getting better. Don’t let a doctor say you have whiplash and take some pain killers or muscle relaxers, unless you know the exact tissues injured. 50% of people injured in a car crash never fully recover, and 25 of those people have permanent impairment and disability for the rest of their lives. Don’t become a statistic

Did you know that Whiplash Adjustments can help with:

  • Improve neck pain after whiplash injuries
  • Improve headaches after whiplash injuries
  • Improve healing of injured ligaments
  • Improve spinal instability
  • Correction of the neck curve after whiplash
  • Improve low and mid back “seatbelt” injuries
Did you know

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