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The Boise area offers an ideal blend of small town quality of life with all the amenities of a bigger city. The safe streets in our downtown were something I was not used to. No one would ever walk alone around the streets of Pittsburgh or Atlanta at night. Here it is no problem.

Practicing Chiropractic in Boise has been nothing short of amazing. Helping people who are truly grateful has been something that I have become very accustomed to. It is no secret that there are too many low back surgeries being performed in Boise. According to a study published the American College of Physicians,1 “The rate of surgery for disc herniation varied 8-fold, from 0.24 per 1000 persons in York, Pennsylvania, to 1.96 per 1000 persons in Boise, Idaho.” This unfortunately placed Boise as the #1 city for the highest rate of low back surgery in the country! So, while we make lists for “most livable city”, etc, we are also making not-so-good lists such as this one. This has inspired me to try to find these people who believe there is no other alternative to surgery… People who believe they have tried everything. Using our unique and different methods of analysis and treatment we give hope to those people who feel like surgery is the only option. I would like to think that I have kept thousands of Boise residents avoid surgery for disc herniations over the years.

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Rather than masking your symptoms with medications and painkillers, we go after the underlying cause of your pain and discomfort, so you’ll be able to enjoy pain-free living long into the future. Call us today at (208) 301-6186

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Chiropractic Adjustment in Boise, ID, 83709

“ I love modern chiropractic. Not only do they help me fix my back and spine they also have the most friendly supportive staff around. It’s not always easy but the treatment is worth it! I highly suggest modern chiropractic to anyone who is looking to fix their posture. ”

- Jessica H.

Corrective Spinal Traction in Boise, ID, 83709

“ I highly recommend Modern Chiropractic Center. For years, I woke up every day with neck, shoulder, low back, and/or hip pain. I changed beds, pillows, and chiropractors. Over time, my activities were becoming more limited. Conventional chiropractic treatments were not providing effective relief. I started considering if I would need to seek surgical solutions. Bottom line, I wasn’t receiving a wholistic treatment, understanding of my spinal curvature, and tailored specifically to my needs. That is, until I came to Modern Chiropractic. Modern Chiropractic’s treatment plan looks at you as an individual. They start with x-ray’s that allow them to understand your unique issues. My spinal curvature was way off, and MC2 thought they could correct it. MC2 doesn’t just 'adjust you', they treat you. Instead of being in & out in 10 minutes, you spend an hour there stretching, getting hot pads, pre-adjustment massage, adjustments, traction, and then cold packs before you leave. The adjustments provide relief, but the traction systems reshape your spine to prevent pain. I can feel the difference, and I can see the difference in the X-rays. I wake up now without pain, having had a good nights rest. I stand straight and walk straight. Everyone at MC2 has been great, but a special thanks to those helping me: Dr. Joe, Dr. Mike, Brie, and the AMAZING Grace! ”

- Charles M.

Extreme Neck Pain Treatment in Boise, ID, 83709

“ Modern chiropractic center has been such a wonderful place to not only work at but receive care. Before I started working at this office I was experiencing extreme neck pain, acid reflux symptoms, and hip pain. This clinics attention to detail, and approach to chiropractic care is very effective. Over the past year my acid reflux symptoms are gone and my neck/hip pain has decreased. Dr. Joe has been a great help and cares a lot about his patients and his team. He is very knowledgeable and great at what he does. Dr Ben has been such a great teacher not only for what he has taught me about chiropractic care but also my personal health. He is very compassionate and cares about people’s pain/health concerns. Emma is such a joy to be around and brings so much light to the world. It has truly been a blessing getting to know her. Megan is very knowledgeable about exercise and always works hard to make sure the patients needs are taken care of. She is a blast to work with, and always goes out of her way to make sure the patients feel comfortable with each traction set up! The entire staff has been so caring and thoughtful. It has been such a great experience to work along side these awesome people! I have learned so much and am forever grateful. ”

- Melissa F.

Shoulder Pain in Boise, ID, 83709

“ These guys are absolutely amazing. I spent months trying to get my shoulder fixed by lousy doctors but my roomate recommended Modern Chiropractic and after a few sessions I have noticed an amazing amount of mobility thanks to Dr. Ben Weiss. Everyone who works there is great and friendly, they actually care about your condition and will work with you every step of the way! LOVE THESE GUYS! ”

- Gabriel P.

Chiropractic BioPhysics in Boise, ID, 83709

“ After trying multiple chiropractic centers in the area none even come close to Modern Chiropractic. Dr. Joe and the team are well trained and all of their care is evidence based. Equally as important in my eyes is that they take the time to relate to their patients, get to know them, and offer a "why" behind the methods they are using to help you understand. Being in medical school my schedule has been crazy, but they always find a way to work with my to provide care. Stop looking for other clinics, you found the best in Boise right here. ”

- Quinn R.

Chronic Back Pain in Boise, ID, 83709

“ I have been suffering from chronic neck and back pain for the last 7 years. Having gone to multiple doctors and chiropractors, the problem never seemed to get better. The crew here at Modern Chiropractor Center put in so much effort to help me get over this pain, I feel that it is a miracle to be walking and moving without hurting anymore. Even if you can't get the full posture realignment treatment just coming in for an adjustment would be worth it! ”

- Connar C.

Corrective Exercises in Boise, ID, 83709

“ A visit to Modern Chiropractic is nothing like any other chiropractor I have been to. The moment you walk in the door you are met with a vibe of overwhelming positivity. The entire staff energetically buzzes around the clinic in a well-choreographed dance as they tend to patients in various forms of treatment. Music plays at just the right level in the background and is always good but is best when Gracie picks the play list. Emma always greets you with a warm welcome and wishes you well when you are on your way out. Their treatment methods go far beyond the standard you might receive at other clinics as they incorporate exercises, adjustments, and traction. Dr. Ben and Dr. Shel continuously do the little extras that make a big difference by listening, adapting, and offering alternatives to reach the set goals with creativity I have never seen before. Modern Chiropractic is a fantastic unique place. ”

- Larry M.

Sports Injury Pain in Boise, ID, 83709

“ Always been a bit of naysayer when it comes to chiropractic care after several bad experiences, but after my back pain slowly increased, compounded because of my own neglect, I decided to start a chiropractic routine. I found modern chiropractic at the recommendation of my father. A gentle giant at 85 years old, never one to complain about pain; this last year he’s sought out care to manage upper back pain that prevented him from doing daily tasks like putting on a shirt and reaching for a can of soup on a shelf overhead. The 180 degree turn his mobility and pain management has taken, was proof enough to try MC. I am delighted daily by the friendly staff, the knowledge and the expertise in creating a more holistic approach to spine care modern chiropractic provides. Since beginning I’ve seen a vast improvement of my spine’s mobility and decrease in overall back pain that has allowed me to continue training for long distance running again, pain-free! ”

- Scott V.

Posture Correction in Boise, ID, 83709

“ Everyone who works here is so kind and nice! Which was really comforting to me, because I have always been a little nervous about going to chiropractors. I came here to fix my posture and I am really surprised by my results! This was the best choice I have made! I highly recommend coming here. ”

- Helen C.

Scoliosis Treatment in Boise, ID, 83709

“ I have suffered from chronic back pain for decades. I was lucky enough to find Modern Chiropractic Center. They have been treating my scoliosis and I am now almost pain-free thanks to the amazing care I’ve received from the entire team. Each of them are very caring and truly devoted to helping their patients. ”

- Sheila W.