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Modern Chiropractic Nampa location


The Modern Chiropractic Center (mc2) has set the bar for patient care throughout the Treasure Valley for years. Our newest location in Nampa was created to expand this standard of excellence into the Nampa and Caldwell area. Every aspect of our clinic was designed to create a one-of-a-kind patient experience that everyone deserves.

mc2 Nampa is truly unique and different compared to anything else in the Canyon County area. Utilizing true corrective care, we work to find the underlying cause of pain and health problems and work to design the optimal methods to correct that problem.

The doctors at mc2 clinics were awarded the Best Chiropractor “Doctor” of the Treasure Valley in 2017 by the Idaho Statesman’s public poll. This made history as it was the first time a Doctor of Chiropractic has won the general category of “Best Doctor” in the entire Treasure Valley area. We encourage you to explore our website and learn about our methods. Then schedule an appointment and experience the Modern Chiropractic difference in Nampa!

I do not believe that I have ever felt so personally cared for anywhere. The entire staff is super welcoming. Not only is it a welcoming, family atmosphere but the results have been nothing short of miraculous to date?
Marty Siebe
Marty Siebe
18:45 08 Aug 22
Hardly a wait for my initial appointment. Which is a relief these days. Process was easy, quick and beneficial from the first adjustment. Definitely recommend.
Richard Laine
Richard Laine
19:50 08 Jul 22
I had several issues with my lower back, neck, hips, but with the help of Katie and her staff they did wonders. I would recommend them for all your chiropractic needs.
Steven Lucarelli
Steven Lucarelli
05:49 08 Jul 22
Dr. K always knows exactly what to do to help me with my back pain!! I am so grateful for her and the wonderful staff. They are friendly, knowledgeable, and skilled at what they do. I wouldn’t want to go anywhere else.
Shawna Boyd
Shawna Boyd
12:13 22 Jun 22
I want to start this review off by explaining why I even reached out to them in the first place. At 29, I couldn’t touch my toes, I had low flexibility and movement in my arms and neck and at this age, I knew it wasn’t normal and I was ready to take... the steps to improve my wellbeing and health.I inquired online and I was reached out to before the end of the day to set up a consultation with the team. When I showed for my first visit, they welcomed me into the clinic with open arms and were the most personable and kind people I have ever experienced.Dr. Katherine made me feel at ease immediately and when I burst into tears from the results of my X-rays and saw the damage that I had done over the years she consoled me as if we’d been friends for years and hugged me. It’s little moments like that that really set clinics apart. Truly caring about patients. Dr. Katherine takes the time to really get to know you and assists in finding a care plan that works best for you and your daily flow.Dr Katherine’s care is gentle and Homeopathic. She uses gentle techniques that still alleviate so much pressure without snapping you in half and scaring you with all of the snap, crackles, and pops. She truly is a gem and without her, I’d still be limping around like the hunchback of Norte Dame.The additional staff that they have at the clinic; Nichole, Adam, Anthony, are AMAZING. My care wouldn’t be where it is today without every single one of them. They take the time to chat with you and make your experience less clinical and more personable so help you put your mind at ease to help yourself heal.Shelly and Joe have done an incredible job with this center, and Nampa in particular is the best location in canyon county to get adjustments and to work on your overall wellness, posture, flexibility, and health.I highly recommend Dr. Katherine and the entire staff at Modern Chiro for all of your wellness needs to improve your longevity and ease your day to more
Aurianna Balestier
Aurianna Balestier
17:49 21 Jun 22
Modern chiropractic did an awesome job on helping my teenage son straighten his back out which was in pretty bad shape. He is actually taller as a result of his treatments & his back feels much better after years of pain. Shelly Dr K Dr Ben and... there staff care about what they do & treated us very well. We’re very grateful we found themread more
bruce Michael
bruce Michael
15:15 18 May 22

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Chiropractic Adjustment in Nampa, ID, 83686

“ Dr. K and her staff are amazing. I’ve been coming here for over 6 weeks now and I must say they take the time to explain everything to you. From adjustments, to traction, and even Anthony giving me different stretches to help me , or Alisa working with me on getting me in when I need, they defiantly make you feel as if you're there only patient, even if there are others there. They really make you feel important, almost as if I have found a second family there. You should definitely give Dr. K and her staff a visit, and you will never go elsewhere. Such a great environment. Also, I can’t believe how much better I can move and feel since I’ve been to see them. It’s just amazing. ”

- Dawn L.

Corrective Spinal Traction in Nampa, ID, 83686

“ The staff here is friendly and knowledgeable. So far I've felt welcomed and well taken care of in starting my correction program with them. The doctors are confident and seem to really care about improving pain and spinal correction. They also seem to make an effort to create a personal connection with everyone who comes in the doors. As an introvert I feel comfortable here in having casual conversation which makes it easy to warm up and open up. ”

- Sam G.

Pediatric Chiropractic Care in Nampa, ID, 83686

“ Our entire family, including our four children ages 4, 6, 11, and 13 have benefited from not only the adjustments from Dr. K, but the in office traction/exercises and prescribed home care. We have seen improvement in posture, and aches and pains. Also, having strong immune systems is important all the time, but right now it is even more critical. We have not been sick once in the past six months since we have been going to Modern Chiropractic! We are so thankful to have found such comprehensive and specific chiropractic care in the Treasure Valley! ”

- MarknAudrey L.

Shoulder Pain in Nampa, ID, 83686

“ I would highly recommend Modern Chiropractic. They are friendly and do all you can to make you feel better. I was a skeptic at first, but I have seen results, and I am having less pain in my back and shoulders. ”

- Shawna M.

Chiropractic BioPhysics in Nampa, ID, 83686

“ I changed from a desk job to a more physical job and started a year long program to help in the transition. I had problems getting enough sleep and now am sleeping great. I am about half way through and what a change! Between adjustment, traction and home care exercises, I am feeling much better and the new job is not affecting me as it did in the beginning. Would highly recommend Modern Chiropractic Center for anyone wanting to work towards a better and more energetic lifestyle. ”

- Pam M.

Chronic Back Pain in Nampa, ID, 83686

“ I have been a chiropractic patient since I was 18 (nearly 32 now). When I went in for a consult with Modern Chiropractic Center, I could barely walk or even sit without some pretty intense lower back pain. Dr Kay is the first chiropractor that has taken the time to completely show me what is going on with my spine and neck, and actually work to correct the issues, rather than doing an adjustment to ease the pain, and sending me on my way. It's been a little over a month since I started traction and home care, and this is the best by back has felt in years. There are more days that I am not in pain than ever before. Traction was difficult in the beginning, but they noticed that I was struggling, and adjusted so I sill get the benefits with far less pain. Everyone at the clinic is extremely nice and welcoming. 10/10 highly recommend. 🙂 ”

- Briana S.

Corrective Exercises in Nampa, ID, 83686

“ Dr. K and the team are amazing! I’ve been treating here for 2.5 years and continue to be impressed with how much they care and have helped me move towards a healthier and pain free life!! I have treated with a lot of different chiropractors and it was only temporary pain relief. But with Modern Chiropractics drop table adjustments, traction, and home exercise programs I have been able to maintain a pain free and active lifestyle! ”

- Brittney W.

Sports Injury Pain in Nampa, ID, 83686

“ I want to thank Dr. K, Anthony, and Alyssa for all they do! I started going to Modern Chiropractic Center the end of August. I was in serious pain for about a year that I had been just hoping would go away. I couldn't lift, sit, run, or get out of bed without pain. I have been going for almost 2 months now and I was finally able to get back to running this past weekend. I am truly grateful! You guys are amazing!! ”

- Brandi M.

Posture Correction in Nampa, ID, 83686

“ Dr. Katherine and her team are the best! I’ve been a regular chiropractic patient for several years now. Upon moving to the Nampa area, I found Modern Chiropractic and went in for a consult. I got a fresh set of eyes on my spinal position and Dr. Katherine recommended treatment which included traction. Chiropractic traction was new to me but what a difference it makes! I notice a huge difference already and am about 6 weeks in. I have virtually no pain and notice a huge improvement in my posture. When I slouch now it feels wrong where it used to feel normal. I would highly recommend making an appointment with Dr. Katherine. You won’t regret it! ”

- Melissa L.

Headache Treatment in Nampa, ID, 83686

“ After years of suffering from near daily headaches and low back pain, at MC I was finally able to get answers as to why I was hurting, as well as a plan to get me on the road to being fully healthy. The biggest change I've seen is in my headaches--I can't remember the last time I went more than 3 days without a headache but I'm now over 3 weeks headache free. I'm enjoying my days far more, I find I have more energy, and I am significantly less irritable at my job and at home because I'm no longer in constant pain. Dr. K and her team are amazing! ”

- Elizabeth C.