work & sports injuries

Work & Sports Injuries


Work-related injuries are something that demand immediate attention. If you live in the Boise area, getting properly diagnosed from someone other than the “doctor your work told you to go see”, is extremely important. Having a thorough second opinion from a Boise doctor who works for YOU is obviously in your best interest. Having the injury properly documented and then getting the best care possible will create the best opportunity for you to get rid of the cause of the pain and get back to work. At our Boise Modern Chiropractic office, we pride ourselves to work in the best interest of the patient to correct the underlying problems caused by the injuries.

If you live in Boise and have been injured playing sports or at the gym and you haven’t been able to get back to that activity you love, we have answer for you at mc2. Whether you are professional athlete or a weekend warrior, we will properly identify the injury and put together a unique rehabilitation that will get you back to playing again.


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