Shoulder Pain Adjustment

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Chiropractor’s at Modern Chiropractic Center can help with:

  • Painful movement in the shoulder 
  • Unlevel shoulder levels 
  • Pain in the “traps” 

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chiropractic shoulder adjustment

There are many different reasons to experience pain in their shoulders. First, many people describe the pain as being in the “shoulders” when the pain is in the trapezius muscle region. This is the muscle between your lower neck and the shoulder joint. Often this pain is more related to upper back and neck problems, including poor posture. The shoulder joint and muscles around that joint can also produce pain. This pain usually occurs during shoulder motions.

The first step in our office is to find out where the pain is coming from and the underlying cause of that pain. For example, and as mentioned above, poor posture can lead to “shoulder pain” that is in the trapezius region. This is usually accompanied by neck pain and/or pain in the upper back. There are many sources of pain in the shoulder itself too. Many of these come from injuries to the shoulder. These injuries can be from sudden events or could occur slowly over time.

At our Modern Chiropractic Centers, we will do everything we can to find the actual source of pain and the underlying cause of the problem. Then we can put together a plan to get the shoulder back to normal.

Did you know that Shoulder Adjustments can help with:

  • Pain in the “traps”
  • Painful movement in the shoulder
  • Hunched shoulder posture
  • Unlevel shoulder levels
  • Flaring of the shoulder blade
Did you know

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