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Modern Chiropractic Center (mc2) was created with you, the patient, in mind. Every detail of mc2 was put together to create a local chiropractic clinic that is truly unique and different than anything else in the Boise Idaho area. We are a team of successful chiropractors and amazing staff that work together to find the root cause of your health problems and the most effective Boise chiropractic care plan to correct those issues.

With over 20 years of experience serving the Boise area, the doctors at mc2 were recently awarded the Best Chiropractor “Doctor” of the Treasure Valley by the Idaho Statesman’s annual public poll. This is the first time a Doctor of Chiropractic has received this prestigious honor by coming out ahead of all MD’s, DO’s and other chiropractors in the Boise area. We invite you to explore the information throughout our website and then come into one of our offices to experience the Modern Chiropractic difference!

At Modern Chiropractic Center we use the newest diagnostic technology including digital X-ray imaging, 3-D postural assessment and integrated surface EMG/Range of Motion, which point us to the underlying cause of your pain and other health problems. This eliminates the guesswork in correcting your spine. Come see why we’re the Best Chiropractor in Boise Idaho.


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So like everyone, 2020 was not a good year…My family and I moved to the Boise area in March 2020 and literally everything shut down, including my body…Being a Dad of 2 young boys and moving to a new state was stress enough but then add the constant... stay at home orders and you’ve got a perfect storm that did a number on my lower back…Unfortunately, this pain was not just lower back but included most of my lower body and added a degree of painful stiffness that I’d never felt before. Once office visits were back to being “allowed” I got admitted to a Dr. for MRI’s & received a cortisone shot, however, the pain didn’t go away…I then went to Physical therapy weekly for 3 months and the pain didn’t go away, it actually got worse…After multiple visits to different chiropractors in the area nothing changed and I knew that I needed a new approach and new start…That’s when I came across Modern Chiropractic or MC2 in Boise 😊Honestly, I credit Dr. Joe and his team (OG group of Dr. Ben, Emma, Megan, Linnea) for saving me and giving me my life back. Truthfully I had nowhere else to go and was starting to feel that I’d need to live with chronic pain day in day & day out…I was frustrated, sad, and not really sure if I was going to be able to get back to my normal active happy self.Immediately upon my first visit to the Boise office, I was greeted warmly and taken care of ASAP with Emma’s warm personality and humor. Megan then took me around the office and showed me the floor and introduced me to the philosophy that is Modern Chiropractic, I was blown away and finally felt a sigh of relief, “they get it”. Dr. Ben then walked me through an intro to the practice and the type of people they usually see and more importantly, how they work with each person to understand the core reasons for pain and how to treat. Before diving into any adjustments, care, etc., the X-ray machine in office allows the team to see exactly what was going on with my body. X-Rays were then reviewed with Dr. Ben and I was given a clear picture of why I was having pain and the root causes, and the recommended treatment plan…Like anything with your body, quick fixes do not exist and when you are looking at spine issues & body alignment, even more important to understand the options and plans being presented…Fast forward to today – it’s been over 12 months and I can confidently say my body has gone through an incredible transformation thanks to the team and the treatment plan that was put in play. If you’ve never seen a chiropractor, PLEASE start here and don’t just try to mask the pain, but figure out the core reason you are having it and dive into fix it 😊 That’s where this group is different and that’s HOW they help so many people in the Treasure Valley!!The team at MC2 is literally family. We talk about birthdays, trips, holiday, kids, etc. They are a top notch business and just opened a new beautiful office in Boise. I can’t recommend them enough to anyone who has back pain, chronic pain, stiffness, etc.…Don’t go through life thinking this is just status quo because that’s not the case. Come in, talk to the team, listen to some good tunes, and let them get you back on your feet !!Appreciate the time – Thanks again to the MC2 Team!!!read more
Casey Bayless
Casey Bayless
18:25 14 Jan 22
I’ve had a fantastic experience here and have seen genuine results! The staff is great and very helpful. Highly recommend to anyone!
01:42 23 Dec 21
Dr. Joe is very thorough in getting a specific diagnosis to then build an active treatment program. By far an excellent program !
janet kadlecik
janet kadlecik
14:29 16 Dec 21
A welcoming staff of professionals. My neck is already much straighter than before, and I'm excited to return.
22:27 03 Dec 21
Modern chiropractic is AMAZING, a few months ago I started to experience severe back pain, so bad I was having headaches and a hard time concentrating at work. I have a few family members that suggested these guys to me. I’m going into my second... month of treatment and I feel amazing , the headaches are not as frequent as before, and it feels like I have a new back! My pain is definitely not what it was when I started , I’m so grateful for these treatments and all the wonderful people . Thank you drs! You are all the best. Christine , Ben , Megan , & betz 🙂read more
Nidia Powell
Nidia Powell
23:26 22 Nov 21
Amazing, thoughtful and kind staff. They explain things very thoroughly and constantly check in on you to make sure you are comfortable. It feels like all the staff truly cares about you and want to help you get to the best health possible.
Tisa Tinkers
Tisa Tinkers
05:37 20 Nov 21

Top-Rated CBP© Chiropractor Team Serving Boise & Surrounding Areas

We strive to be the best chiropractic clinic in the Boise Idaho Area.

In addition to our commitment towards excellence in chiropractic care. It is our mission to create a healthier community by providing cutting-edge, evidence-based natural health care in a comfortable and caring environment. Our purpose is to restore youth and vitality through the application of scientifically advanced chiropractic care and other natural complimentary services. We strive to be the community resource for ideal health and wellness training with unparalleled public educational opportunities.

  • Low back pain and sciatica
  • Neck pain and upper back pain
  • Mid back and Shoulder pain
  • Pinched nerves
  • Headaches
  • Migraines
  • Disc herniation
  • Scoliosis
  • Auto accident injuries and whiplash
  • Numbness and tingling
  • Poor Posture (kyphosis and slumped posture)
  • Improve health

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