Governor Little Lifts Stay-at-Home Order

On Friday Idaho Governor Brad Little lifted the stay-at-home order. But he also declared a new order be put in place… a “Stay Healthy Order“. Yes, this includes social distancing when possible and increased sanitation, as has been practiced when visiting essential businesses the past 5 weeks (nothing new). The Stay Healthy Order also recommends at-risk individuals still try to stay at home except for essential activities, as has also been the case the past 5 weeks.

When we saw the “Stay Healthy” order we hoped it would have included advice or instructions actually promoting healthy activities, not merely avoiding transmission of the virus. COVID-19 infections are worse in individuals with weaker immune systems. This is why it is affecting the elderly and people with conditions which diminish immune system function. Early reports from around the world show that hypertension and being overweight/obese are dramatic risk factors for a poor prognosis when being diagnosed with COVID-19, regardless of age. Why hasn’t there been a dramatic push by public health officials and politicians to try to encourage people with these conditions to “GET HEALTHY”? After all, these conditions are widely brought on by poor diet and lack of exercise. Wouldn’t it make sense to recommend losing weight and getting in better cardiovascular shape NOW?

Governor Little’s “Stay Healthy Order” included no advice on getting healthier perhaps because there is no research that says getting healthy in any manner can prevent infection or give you a better prognosis once infected… but there isn’t any form of treatment (drugs, vaccines, herbs, vitamins, etc) that has incontrovertible research on this type of effectiveness right now. You should also know that there are also no clinical trials proving parachutes to be effective when jumping out of an airplane at altitude. But I assume you will want one the next time you go skydiving regardless.  

So we must use common sense… lowering blood pressure naturally through better diet and exercise should help a person improve their overall health and strengthen their immune system. Additionally, doing anything else that has a chance of improving overall health and function of the body, including natural methods like corrective chiropractic care, should also be considered. If you want to wait for a double blind randomized clinical trial to start exercising and eating healthy, then so be it… keep eating fast food and sitting on the couch. You have the right to take your chances and others have the right to be proactive. Your lifestyle decisions TODAY may be your only defense in the future. 


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