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What you need to know about the Cervical Denneroll

The cervical spine, or neck, has a normal shape that many of us lose due to car crashes, injuries, or poor posture. This shape is referred to as the cervical lordosis or neck curve and is important for a variety of reasons. This curve not only acts as a shock absorber and helps support the weight of the head, but it keeps the spine stable, prevents injuries and allows the neck to move freely through a normal range of motion. If this normal curve is lost or becomes abnormal in shape it can lead to irreversible spinal damage and can negatively affect the ligaments, muscles, bones, nerves, and spinal cord. Research shows that correcting cervical lordosis can reverse these negative effects and relieve pain, improve quality of life and lead to greater overall health. One of the most effective tools at correcting cervical lordosis is the Cervical Denneroll.

What is the Cervical Denneroll?

The Cervical Denneroll is the only orthotic on the market that has been proven through numerous research studies including a randomized clinical trial to improve abnormal lordosis of the cervical spine. The Cervical Denneroll is designed specifically to restore lordosis based on the Chiropractic Biophysics cervical spine model. Unlike other orthotics on the market, the Cervical Denneroll is not part of a one size-fits all system. There are unique sizes and placements of the Cervical Denneroll in order to account for each individual’s’ body type, flexibility, and location of the abnormal lordosis. In consideration of these variables, the Cervical Denneroll should only be used when prescribed by a doctor trained in spinal biomechanics in order to ensure the safety and effectiveness of its use.

The Modern Chiropractic approach

At Modern Chiropractic Center we have helped thousands of patients restore their cervical lordosis. Our doctors are trained in the proven chiropractic methods researched in Chiropractic Biophysics Technique; the most effective non-surgical approach to restoring spinal alignment. In our clinical experience we find the best results are possible when our patients are able to compliment the care they receive in our clinic with tools that can help them in the comfort of their own home. Because of its comfort, effectiveness, and light-weight design, the Cervical Denneroll serves as one of the best tools to use at home or on the road and has helped our patients progress exponentially faster when used in conjunction with the spinal remodeling traction, corrective exercises and specific adjustments performed in our facilities. If you would like to learn more about our approach or whether a Cervical Denneroll could help you, contact us to set up a consultation with one of our doctors.


Below are x-ray images of a recent patient at Modern Chiropractic Center who entered the clinic with a loss of cervical lordosis and complaints of neck pain, headaches, and muscle tension. In each respective image, the green line represents the ideal alignment of the spine and the red line outlines the actual alignment of the patient’s spine. The x-ray on the left was taken before the patient began treatment to correct his cervical lordosis. His lordosis was initially measured at 8.4 degrees. The x-ray on the right shows his improved cervical lordosis after 2 months of treatment (30.3 degrees). In office treatment: spinal remodeling traction, corrective exercises, and specific adjustments. Home treatment: Cervical Denneroll and postural exercises.

cervical spine x-ray, Cervical Denneroll
cervical spine, chiropractic treatment, boise chiropractor

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